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Why choose SureSmile Aligner?

  • Virtually invisible

  • Comfortable

  • Removable

  • SureSmile Aligner is created using unparalleled                                 digital technology

How do SureSmile Aligners work?

​Dr Patel will take a scan of your teeth allowing a 3D image of your teeth to be created, this means no need for impressions! This allows him to analyse your teeth and bite from every angle possible. Then the state of the art software calculates the movement of each tooth with unparalleled precision. You can then see your 3D image of your teeth and see before and after images. The great thing about this stage is you can see what your teeth will look like after treatment before you commit to going ahead.

Dr Patel then determines your completely customised treatment plan and your aligners are then made. 

Once we have received your aligners we then see you to fit your first set and give you your starting kit. Your aligners are then changed every 2 weeks and reviewed by Dr Patel as you progress through your treatment plan. 

At Aylsham Dental we have the latest advanced dental technology system for tooth straightening and are a certified provider for SureSmile aligners.

SureSmile aligners are clear, virtually invisible aligners designed to progressively straighten your teeth into their ideal position. 

Our state-of-the-art equipment and software allows us to see your teeth at every angle imaginable. You can be confident your personalised treatment plan is fully customized and designed for a long-term healthy, happy smile.

SureSmile aligners are a clear and removable alternative that straightens your teeth designed to your lifestyle. Now you can have the smile you’ve always wanted with discreet treatment that no one will notice.

We are a certified provider right here in Aylsham, so we can assess and fit you with this advanced orthodontic system and oversee your progress.