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Update for routine appointments

Private Fee List 2022

We have been trying hard to make the public aware of how Covid-19 has impacted Dentistry, hence my interview on BBC Look East, BBC World News and EDP.

Covid-19 is a respiratory virus spread from the lungs through the mouth. My position is to safeguard my  team and our incoming patients from any form of Covid-19. As we are aware, double vaccinations and boosters don’t STOP us from getting infected by the virus and lateral flow tests don’t detect all parts of the virus. We will continue to follow strict Covid-19 guidelines

We do not anticipate the resumption of routine check-ups (as it used to be) for the foreseeable future.
Covid-19 has created a situation where every dental practice has had to re-evaluate its business model, in order to provide quality dental care. 

Hence, this practice will be PRIVATE TO ALL ADULT PATIENTS moving forward.

If the NHS allows us then we would like to continue seeing children on the NHS. If this is approved, then either parent would need to use our private service on a regular basis.

As of 31st Dec 2021, NHS Dentistry decided to increase our target. As a small practice we are unable to sustain this business on the NHS going forward. We have written to the NHS, but they have as of yet not responded.

I would just like to explain that the NHS does NOT OWN or contribute in anyway to the running of this business (it is not the same as hospitals or doctors). We are a business like any on the high street and if we don’t reach their target we have severe financial penalties.

In good faith to ALL our patients we have continued seeing patients on a priority emergency basis (that’s only one dentist looking after over 3000 patients. It is impossible to find a dentist willing to work in the NHS system).

We know and appreciate that not everyone is in a position to afford Private dental care.

As an ADULT patient you have TWO OPTIONS:

A) If you require ONLY NHS DENTISTRY then I would encourage you to seek the services of another NHS practice.

B) If you wish to remain with us on a Private basis then we would recommend scheduling a hygiene visit with radiographs (if required). You can do this by emailing the practice or telephoning us and leaving an answerphone message, we will be in contact as soon as possible.

A polite note:
There have been a number of patients who have been abusive and aggressive towards my team. As the owner of the practice I HAVE A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY. 
Any form of aggression will mean you will automatically not be a patient.

As a practice, we recommend the following protocol:

Book a visit to see the hygienist/therapist for a full mouth clean and radiographs if required. The cost of a scale and polish is £75 and X-rays cost £15 each. 

If possible, you can bring your children with you at the same time and they will be seen on the NHS (if approved).

If you just want your children to have an examination ONLY then that can be arranged, but there would be a fee of £25 per child (under the age of 18).

You will not need to see the dentist regularly, unless there is an advanced issue, detected by one of our dedicated team or if you have a problem (i.e. severe pain, swelling, fractured tooth etc.).

Instead you’ll be advised to see and maintain your oral care with one of our dedicated fully qualified advanced care professionals. Either, the Hygienist or Therapist.

We are fortunate to have two highly skilled, experienced and extremely motivated members as part of our team.


Hygienist – can take x-rays if necessary, ensure that there are no signs of oral cancer, descale and polish your teeth, provide you with the appropriate advise to take care of your oral health (especially your Gum health).

If fillings or advanced work is recommended that will be discussed with you.

Therapist – can provide you with ALL the above but in addition she has advanced skills to provide use of local anaesthesia where necessary, Adult fillings (both white or amalgam), children’s fillings, children’s extractions, tooth whitening, aligners to straighten teeth, impressions for mouth guards (either for contact sports, or grinding or clenching).

I as the Dentist, will then be able to concentrate my skills on more advanced problems such as crowns, bridges, full mouth reconstruction, advanced cosmetic work, implant treatment, dentures and implant retained dentures.

With this new workflow we can work as a team to provide you with the care you deserve.

All adult treatments will be provided on a private basis. 

Our fee guide for your reference is attached – please see below on next page.

What do I do next?

If you wish to continue using our services please let us know by email. Then one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

If you don’t have an email then you can telephone the practice and leave a message on our answerphone following the message and we will be in contact as soon as possible.