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Sprintray is a state of the art 3D printer which we use to print our patients dentures and night guards.

How it works: Initially we take a scan of the mouth and we design the denture to fit your mouth perfectly, we decide on a shade for the gum and teeth and then we print the denture base and teeth separately in house using liquid acrylic. Once printed, each section is put into a washer/dryer and curing machine and then the teeth and base are fixed together. This new technology means our patients walk away with stronger dentures and the whole process can be completed within 3 days which is amazing as without the Sprintray patients could be waiting up to a month for their new denture!

The same process is completed for night guards except they are printed in a clear material and can be made within 2 days!

Benefits of Sprintray Dentures:

  • One we have taken the scan, you wont need to come back to the practice 3-4 times for the next month as you would with a traditional denture, it’ll be done within a week!

  • Your dentist is in control of the result, as your denture is created in the practice, we can see throughout the process and tweak any areas to make it the perfect fit for you
  • Your denture will be stronger than a traditional denture as it is 3D printed.