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Brush teeth for 2 minutes twice per day using a suitable fluoride toothpaste for your Childs age. 2 minutes can seem a long time for a child so make it fun by using a timer!

Healthy mouths equals happy Dentist!!!

​It is important to keep your childrens mouths healthy to help prevent tooth decay.

Whatever eating or drinking habits you have with your children, we have put together some simple advice to reduce any need for fillings when they next visit the dentist.

​Childrens Oral Health

Therefore try to keep sugary snacks to a minimum and replace with healthy snacks such as cheese, fruit, vegetables, nuts, bread, rice crackers. You can download the 'sugar smart' app to track sugar quantities in food and drinks.

Reduce snacking

Damaging acids form in your mouth every time you eat a sugary snack. The acids continue to affect your teeth for at least 20 minutes before they are neutralised and can’t do any more harm. So, the more times you eat sugary snacks during the day, the more often you feed bacteria, the fuel they need to cause tooth decay.