​Guided Biofilm Therapy

This treatment removes the biofilm from our teeth which contains plaque and bacteria which are harmful to our teeth. We cannot see the biofilm on our teeth, therefore we can apply a disclosing solution which can show us where it is in the mouth (see image below.)

It is a gentle way of having your teeth cleaned and is described by a lot of patients as 'pain free.'

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This amazing machine which is the latest in dental hygiene technology allows us to remove the biofilm, young calculus and staining from the teeth with a combination of air, WARM WATER and a very fine powder. This is so gentle it can even be used on the soft tissues in your mouth including your tongue.

Any hard deposits of calculus are them removed with an ultrasonic scaler with WARM WATER or hand instruments.

'A mini spa for the mouth'

The result....a beautiful clean and healthy smile and a happy patient!