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What happens during a routine dental check-up?

A dental check-up is not an unpleasant experience. In fact at Aylsham Dental, it’s often a comforting one. It can be a load off the mind to be told your teeth are in good shape, or to have a problem spotted and dealt with. During your check-up we will ask questions about your lifestyle and habits, whether you smoke, drink or eat a lot of sugary food, whether you floss regularly or forget (like many of us) until you have food stuck in your teeth.

Our dentist will begin your examination, starting from the outside of your head and neck area, and moving to the inside of your mouth; your jaw joints, muscles, soft tissues, gums, and teeth. Your mouth will be examined closely for signs of decay, signs of tooth wear and to test the health of your gums. We also check for signs of more serious problems, such as cancer.

Some patients need no more than this, but many patients will require further examination. We will take all of the digital X-rays needed to help us gain a more comprehensive overview of in-between your teeth and your jaw bone levels. This enables us to locate any decay in places we cannot see with our eye, especially problems with previous dental work such as fillings. Our dentist will note down the condition of every tooth and restoration, allowing us to keep a thorough record of your dental health each time you visit.

Once the examination is complete, our dentist will discuss their findings with you and show you your digital imagery as reference. We can then determine the best treatment moving forward and share all of your available options with you.

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Dental Check-ups