Dental hygiene is the building block of good dental health. Regular teeth cleaning, both at home and in the dentist’s chair, is vital to maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

At Aylsham Dental, our experienced oral hygienist, Katie McLeod, is highly trained in teeth cleaning, as well as monitoring your mouth for any signs of concern. She is also on-hand to offer expert advice to you and your family regarding optimal oral health and hygiene.

What do dental hygienists do?

A dental hygienist assists dentists in treating patients. As the name suggests, they give great advice on dental hygiene and are experts in teeth cleaning. They’re often the ones who will treat you for issues like gingivitis. If you have gum disease, your dentist may suggest that you see a hygienist for a teeth cleaning regularly. 

Plaque and bacteria often find a home in the grooves and dips on the chewing surfaces of your teeth. These are hard-to-reach areas and can benefit from professional cleaning. Having your teeth cleaned is a preventative measure that will save you the pain and cost of more serious problems.

What to expect from your dental hygiene appointment.

Your appointment with our oral hygienist will begin with her thoroughly assessing your mouth, including teeth, gums, and other soft tissues. She will also obtain any digital X-rays to gain a more comprehensive overview of your oral health (including the spaces that are hard to see).

From here, our hygienist can determine what is needed to get your oral health and hygiene to an excellent state. She will run through oral hygiene advice tailored to your needs such as, brushing techniques, in-between cleaning and possible diet advice.

Finally, our hygienist will perform a thorough clean, including both an ultrasonic and hand scale, as well as a polish to leave your teeth feeling sparkly clean.

Do I need a hygiene appointment?

Every patients needs are different, most patients benefit from 6 monthly hygiene visits but this may be more or less frequent depending on your mouth and will be advised by your Dentist/Hygienist.

Hygiene Visits

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